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Here are all of the notable games I have made, all of which were created with Game Maker version 6 and/or 7. Since changing to a new school at the start of 2009, I have had substantially less time to work on my games. Any time I have had, I dedicated to bringing you this website, and will continue to do so until it is finished.

Pen Ball
Jumpalump 2
Freak Hunter
Run From the Rocks
Run For the Rocks
Racing Carz

   PathFinder    Back to Top

PathFinder is a professional-class maze game that is unofficially based on the original 1974 board game Pathfinder. The main idea behind the game is that the player has to find their way through an initially invisible maze to a visible goal point. Whenever the player hits an invisible wall, it becomes visible, and after a short time-penalty, they can continue on their mission.

In PathFinder's single player mode, the player has to find their way through a series of pre-defined mazes. Each maze becomes progressively harder, and...

   Pen Ball    Back to Top

Pen Ball is a game designed to be like the game Ink Ball on Windows Vista (Vista sucks, by the way). Since I don't have Vista, this was very hard to implement. Every time I used a computer with Vista, I had to look at Ink Ball.
Making the drawing engine was the hardest part of all. After 5 of my curved line drawing engines failed, I finally created one that works so far: Basically, when you have the left mouse button pressed it creates a solid ball-shaped invisible object. This object then draws a line to the previous one (id-1). Simple! :-)
When you start the game, it asks you if you would like...

   Jumpalump    Back to Top

You are Jumpalump. Jumpalump lives in a sleepy little town called Jumpaloo. Jumpalump has a problem. His problem is that he has very bad epilepsy.

One day, Jumpalump was listening to the radio when he first heard about the legendary zap-o-lepsy. This so-called zap-o-lepsy has just been invented, and has been found to be a miraculous cure for epilepsy.

So Jumpalump sets off to try and locate the only zap-o-lepsy in the world. Unfortunately, he discovers...

   Jumpalump 2    Back to Top

Jumpalump set off to try and locate the only zap-o-lepsy in the world. He eventually found the proffessor's house, paid the 1000 dollar fee and used the zap-o-lepsy. It worked wonders on him, and prevented him from ever having an epileptic fit again...

One night, as Jumplaump was coming home from work, a mysterious thing happened! He began drooling so badly that water was practically flowing from his mouth! Jumpalump decided that it must be a side- effect of the zap-o-lepsy. He got so angry, that he...

   Freak Hunter    Back to Top

My first experiment with the 3D functions of Game Maker with my friend Miles led to the creation of Freak Hunter.

In Freak Hunter, you go around trying to shoot all of the monsters and trying to find the exit from the castle.

We did not make the engine, as this is more of an extension of the GM FPS Tutorial, but we did design all the levels.

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