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Here are some (the rest shall come later) of the notable programs I have made, some of which were created in Visual Basic .NET, others with Game Maker. I've finally had time to create this page, but we'll see how many of my programs I can upload before I have to get back to my uni work =P

I have also compiled a list of software that I use and highly recommend you give a try!

There is of course, also my review of USB Safely Remove - which is now fairly dated, but still 99% accurate. These days, I use Zentimo (USBSR's bigger brother!).

Software still to come: The updated version of my keylogger made with Game Maker (see the old version for the time being), Ace Video Rentals Loan Cost Calculator, Dvorak Keyboard Overlay, Extended Quiz, Linear Graph Equation Calculator, MacFitz Wage Calculator, PC Screen Rape, PrestoTextReverso, SB Appliance Repair Cost Calculator, End of Year 12 Countdown Timer, Shoe Price Calculator, Times Tables Generator, UltraCalc (the precursor to Calcumalator), Number Guessing Game, CD Draw Craziness, Respiratory System Project, My original calculator made in Game Maker

Ace Video Rentals Database

   Ace Video Rentals Database    
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In VCE IT Software Development 3/4, one of our SACs was to develop a database system for a fictional company, Ace Video Rentals. The program would allow the company to keep track of loaned videos.

We worked on our VB.NET programs over a period of about a week, some parts at school, and some parts set as homework. We each created a data dictionary, drew up interface designs, wrote out pseudocode, programmed it, created test data, performed...

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Calcumalator is an easy-to-use calculator program that I made as a part of a series of exercises in VCE IT Software Development 3/4. The task was to design a simple calculator program that had two boxes for input numbers, and buttons that would perform the required mathematical operation then output the result. I did this, but being a perfectionist, was not satisfied with how basic it was, so I set about designing a calculator that would match the functionality of a standard calculator as closely as possible...

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