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Calcumalator was last updated to v1.3 on 19-02-2010

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Calcumalator is an easy-to-use calculator program that I made as a part of a series of exercises in VCE IT Software Development 3/4. The task was to design a simple calculator program that had two boxes for input numbers, and buttons that would perform the required mathematical operation then output the result. I did this, but being a perfectionist, was not satisfied with how basic it was, so I set about designing a calculator that would match the functionality of a standard calculator as closely as possible.

The result was Calcumalator, which allows:

  • Displaying the whole operation, not just the number currently being inputted, using a single display box
  • Follow-on calculations by using the result of an operation as the first number in another
  • Full use of the keyboard, including the use of X, /, +, - to select the operator and Enter to evaluate
  • Evaluation of an operation by selecting the next operator e.g. type: 3 + 1 x 2 (without pressing Enter in between, the X evaluates the first operation, then allows you to perform another using the output)
  • Changing an operation by selecting another when one is already selected
  • Backspacing the input of numbers and operators
  • Starting a new calculation by entering a number when a result is being displayed

I started with a set of example problems that I wanted the calculator to evaluate, created some variable names, did some desk checking, and then wrote up the code in Visual Basic.NET.

But sadly, as the task was a simple introductory exercise, Calcumalator went unmarked.

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It is due to this hatred for DRM that I offer all my digital content to you for free. This mindset may not generate me much income, but I know you guys hate DRM too, so please do your best to donate as much money as you think that my continuously free content is worth to you! I will be adding PayPal donation links soon. Thank you =)

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