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Welcome to my website! Here you have access to my forum, games, software, videos, images, websites and stories.

My games and software are all made with Game Maker. I have been making games in Game Maker since 2005, so I am quite experienced, and have also taught many other people how to use it.

I made most of my software as experiments to see if they were possible in Game Maker. As you can see, they were.

Before I got into Game Maker, I used to make short animations in Microsoft PowerPoint, Macromedia Flash 5 (now owned by Adobe), and Windows Movie Maker (the XP version). Most of these animations aren't great, but it goes to show that you need the right hardware, software and skills for the job. The animations I make now (again, using Flash) in my Multimedia classes at school are much more advanced - you can find these on the animations page also.

The websites page is for websites that I have made. So far, I have made this site, my forum (well, Invision Power Services really made it, but I own it), and one for the author Adrian Peniston Bird.

I have also written a few stories, which can be found here.

Feel free to visit my forum whenever you want. There, you can post anything and everything (with a few exceptions which can be found in the registration agreement). There are also a few posting games there for anyone to play.

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So have fun, and enjoy visiting my website ;-D

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