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Review of USB Safely Remove

USB Safely Remove is one of the best pieces of software that I have ever used. It is a small, feature-packed application that resides in the taskbar that accompanies (or even replaces!) the built-in safely remove feature of Windows. Using less than 12 megabytes of memory while running in the background of my computer, USB Safely Remove is the perfect solution to prolonging the lifetimes of USB mass storage devices. You can download/purchase USB Safely Remove at

USB Safely Remove has undergone much development since I first started using it towards the end of 2008 – many new features have been added including the ability to automatically execute programs and commands on insertion or removal of each USB device. And when an update is available, USB Safely Remove prompts you to upgrade.

My mouse is plugged into a USB port on the front of my computer as I regularly switch between using it with my desktop and laptop. Often, as there are very few USB ports on the front of my computer, I have to unplug my mouse to be able to use a USB drive to transfer a file onto my laptop. I use keyboard shortcuts to copy the file, but later when it came to removing the device, I couldn’t access the safely remove function of windows using the keyboard! Luckily, I soon came across USB Safely Remove, allowing me to remove devices by pressing Windows Key + S! This would have to be my favourite feature, along with one-click safe removal of devices.

Another feature of USB Safely Remove, the “Return Device Back!” function, I found very useful when experimenting with Windows’ autorun settings for USB drives. Instead of having to reach down, unplug, then re-plug the device, I could just use USB Safely Remove to eject the drive then use the “Return Device Back!” option! Easy as! And I can imagine it wouldn’t be at all easy to keep re-plugging manually if you had to use the rear USB ports... Luckily I have USB Safely Remove!

I hate it how when you plug a memory card into a card reader, you have to figure out which of the many drive letters of the card reader is the one you want. In this situation, USB Safely Remove assists you by hiding all of the empty card reader drives in My Computer. And when it comes time to remove a card from your computer but you want to keep others attached, USB Safely Remove allows you to safely remove each card separately rather than the whole card reader!

In my opinion, the only way the already excellent USB Safely Remove could be improved would be to make it free. One way to do this would be to make it ad-supported, putting the advertisements on the options menus perhaps. But as it is, one cheap $20 license allows you to personally use the program on any number of computers! And often features special discount offers and license giveaways!

Altogether, USB Safely Remove is my all-time favourite application in regards to usability, and one of the first things I install on a new computer (I critisize my friends if they don't use it!). Thankyou so much, USB Safely Remove! I just can’t believe that no one had made an application like this until you did (and done it sooo well!) – It’s such a fantastic and original idea!

By Brendan Weibrecht (Zimbi co. –
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