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PathFinder W.I.P.

Recent updates
PathFinder was last updated to v0.9.60 (and the multi-player beta 2 was released) on 24-09-2011
PathFinder was updated to v0.9.23 (and the multi-player beta was released) on 14-09-2010

PathFinder is a professional-class maze game that is unofficially based on the original 1974 board game Pathfinder. The main idea behind the game is that the player has to find their way through an initially invisible maze to a visible goal point. Whenever the player hits an invisible wall, it becomes visible, and after a short time-penalty, they can continue on their mission.

Single Player (yet to be completed)
In PathFinder's single player mode, the player has to find their way through a series of pre-defined mazes. Each maze becomes progressively harder, and more goal points are added (likely only one of which is possible, of course).

In the multi-player mode (the mode of play most closely related to the original board game version), two players create mazes for each other whilst the other person looks away. They then take turns in solving the maze the other player created for them. A turn ends when a player hits a wall or reaches the goal, and when a player wins, all walls in their maze become visible. Once a player has finished their maze, the other will be given a choice of whether to continue playing.

Level Editor
This mode is solely used for creating and modifying mazes. These can then be used later in the multi-player mode so that the other player does not have to wait for a maze to be drawn. To prevent cheating, official levels used for the single-player mode cannot be viewed or edited.

How to Play
When creating a level, select the item to place by clicking on the blue item buttons and then left-click/hold down the left mouse button on the playing field to draw a maze. To remove unwanted items, right-click on them/hold down the right mouse button and move over the unwanted items in the playing field. To have enjoyable games, it is recommended that you start by drawing a 5 by 5 wall box to create your maze inside. Agree on a size with your partner before designing your maze! When you are finished designing a maze for your partner, click the blue Done button to continue.

Once you and your partner have both drawn your mazes, use the white arrow buttons on-screen or the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around. Enjoy!

During primary school I was quite interested in drawing mazes. I drew tonnes and some special double-sided ones with holes to travel between sides. Since then I have unfortunately lost most of them. Anyway, I first played the Pathfinder board game with my Grandma during that period. It was an old game, even then, and there were a few pieces missing, meaning that mazes couldn't be very complicated or take up the whole board, but I still loved it. At that time I was also into making short animations in Microsoft PowerPoint. I tried to create a maze game using that, but it was not a very easy program to animate or create games in, and so I gave that up. Less than a year later, a friend introduced me to Game Maker. After gaining several years of experience using Game Maker, and making a few reasonably good games, I set to work on my dream-game, PathFinder. Years later, I am a Year 11 student and have finally finished a attractive, playable version of my game, and so I have uploaded it here to my website for you to enjoy!

How is all my content free?
I do not believe in DRM! Instead, I believe that all digital content should be freely available, and if users of that content regard it as valuable, they should be able to donate to help keep its creator fed.

What is DRM, you ask? DRM is the incredibly irritating set of usage limitations that creators put on their content. LIMITATIONS like how once you buy something sch as an iPhone app, it is ILLEGAL to give a copy to your friend. Or that you MUST PAY for music. Or that you MUST WATCH those annoying warnings at the start of DVDs, or that you are not allowed to rip a copy of that DVD to put on your iPod. It is sad that creators must put DRM on their content in order to receive a workable profit. In my opinion, DRM should not exist.

It is due to this hatred for DRM that I offer all my digital content to you for free. This mindset may not generate me much income, but I know you guys hate DRM too, so please do your best to donate as much money as you think that my continuously free content is worth to you! I will be adding PayPal donation links soon. Thank you =)

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS - Please email me about any errors or glitches that you may find at:

If you would like to help design levels for the single player mode, send me an email at: Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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