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Freak Hunter

Recent updates
Freak Hunter was last updated on 02-10-06 to v1.24

My first experiment with the 3D functions of Game Maker with my friend Miles Watt led to the creation of Freak Hunter. This is more of an extension of Game Maker's First Person Shooter tutorial than a game fully made by us. At the time, we didn't fully understand how the engine worked, and we were more interested in designing levels. So here you have it: an 8-level Doom-like first person shooter game.


How to Play
The aim in each of Freak Hunter's levels varies. Some levels require you to find the exit, in others you have to kill all of the monsters to continue.

Holding down each the following keys performs the following actions

Up arrow key:


Walk forwards

Down arrow key:   Walk backwards
Left arrow key:   Turn left
Right arrow key:   Turn right
Z key:   Strafe left
X key:   Strafe right
Space bar:   Shoot
Shift key:   Run
Escape key:   Exit game

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