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Pen Ball W.I.P.

Recent updates
Pen Ball was last updated on 20-11-2008 to v0.4

Pen Ball is a game designed to be like the game Ink Ball on Windows Vista (Vista sucks, by the way). Since I don't have Vista, this was very hard to implement. Every time I used a computer with Vista, I had to look at Ink Ball.
Making the drawing engine was the hardest part of all. After 5 of my curved line drawing engines failed, I finally created one that works so far: Basically, when you have the left mouse button pressed it creates a solid ball-shaped invisible object. This object then draws a line to the previous one (id-1). Simple! :-)
When you start the game, it asks you if you would like to have a skin. Do NOT panic! This DOES NOT mean that if you say no I will come around to your house and flay you alive. It just means: "would you like to have a fancy border on the edge of the game window?". That's all >:-)
By the way, all information about OfficeWorks and the things that can be purchased there is false (until I have the time to add them into the game, that is).

How to Play
The aim of each level is to get all of the balls into the correct hole. Most of the time, this isn't as easy as it sounds. Some levels require you to get the balls into the holes of their colour, and other levels have devilishly hard layouts! To aid you in this difficult mission, I have provided you with a pencil (How kind!). Along the way, you will also be given the chance to buy new stationary from OfficeWorks.
I thought you might also like to know that the only way that you have a chance of wining this game, is if you actually draw on your screen. I don't mean this literally! I mean with your mouse. Just hold down the left mouse button to use any writing utensil you have purchased or been given. A line (meaning from when you click the left mouse button until you release it), vanishes from the screen when hit by a ball. The ball bounces off it and hopefully heads on its way to the right hole.
Just to let you know, you can only draw a certain amount of lines before your pencil needs to be sharpened. Sharpeners can be purchased from OfficeWorks.

On the OfficeWorks shelves are:
 •   Pencils (draws up to 100 lines)
 •   Pencil sharpeners (to fix blunt and useless pencils)
 •   Pencil erasers (to erase lines that have not been hit, that you no longer want - erases up to 100 pencil/pacer lines)
 •   Pacers (refillable, mechanical pencils that require leads sold separately)
 •   Pacer leads (packs of 20 - to refill empty pacers. 1 lead draws -------- lines)
 •   Biros (standard ball-point pens - draws up to 100 lines that can be hit by balls up to 5 times before vanishing)
 •   Biro erasers (to erase lines drawn by biros that have not been hit, that you no longer want)
 •   Permanent markers (draws a line that never vanishes when hit by a ball - be careful!)

Certain items may not be purchased until you have unlocked them (meaning that you have plucked up enough courage to ask an OfficeWorks worker to open the locked display cabinet where the item is held). lol
Each item will explain how to be used once you purchase it.
You may also notice that the pencils and pacers have small erasers on them. I recommend not using these cheap, nasty erasers as they just smudge everything (meaning that they're just for show - you can't actually use them).

WARNING: You probably won't be able to beat this game. Although this may dissuade you from playing, be sure that each of the levels ARE actually possible, as I have beaten them :-)

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS - Please email me about any errors or glitches that you may find at:

If you would like to help design levels, send me an email at: Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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