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Jumpalump 2 Beta 2

Recent updates
Jumpalump 2 was last updated on 17-03-2009 to v1.09 (Beta 2)

If you find any errors or glitches, please email me at: zimbico [at] gmail [dot] com. Feel free to distribute this game however you like, as long as it remains free and appropriate credit is given.

This game is the sequel to Jumpalump. It is recommended that you play it first, but not a requirement.

The game
You are Jumpalump. Jumpalump lives in a sleepy little town called Jumpaloo. Jumpalump had a problem. His problem was that he had very bad epilepsy.

One day, Jumpalump was listening to the radio when he first heard about the legendary zap-o-lepsy. This so-called zap-o-lepsy had just been invented, and had been found to be a miraculous cure for epilepsy.

So Jumpalump set off to try and locate the only zap-o-lepsy in the world. He eventually found the proffessor's house, paid the 1000 dollar fee and used the zap-o-lepsy. It worked wonders on him, and prevented him from ever having an epileptic fit again...

One night, as Jumplaump was coming home from work, a mysterious thing happened! He began drooling so badly that water was practically flowing from his mouth! Jumpalump decided that it must be a side-effect of the zap-o-lepsy. He got so angry, that he decided to sue the proffessor!

Since you are the only one likely to help him in his quest, he desperately asks you for help.

The objects
The various objects that may be found in Jumpaloo are explained below:


This curious person is Jumpalump. He has a bad problem with epilepsy. Press the Left arrow key to make him move left. Press the Right arrow key to make him move right. Press the Up key to make him jump. He likes jumping, this is why he is called Jumpalump. Jumpalump likes collecting coins. Press the enter key to see how many of them you have. By the way, you will need to have at least 1000 coins by the end of the game.
This game is also compatible with a game controller, to move Jumpalump.

  For anyone that doesn't know, this is Ground. You will spend most of your time in Jumpaloo standing on this, or jumping from it.
  This strange object is a ladder. You may move around on it without being affected by gravity. It has been scientifically proven to be quite useful.
  If you are a Car, collision with this sign turns you back into Jumpalump.
  You are only allowed to pass this sign if you are a Car.
  Collision with this saves your progress in the game.
  Collision with this loads your saved game.
  This sign tells you that there is something dangerous nearby.
  This object is a Tile. It is just like a small version of Ground.
  If you collide with these spikes you die, and are forced to restart the game, where you can load progress from a save point.
  If you collide with one of these monsters you die, and are forced to restart the game, where you can load progress from a save point.
  If you collide with this empty Car, you turn into a Car. Press the Left arrow key to start driving. Press the Up key to jump, to avoid falling onto the spikes.

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