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Run For the Rocks

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Run For the Rocks was last updated on 03-10-2006 to v1.14

Run For the Rocks is the sequel to Run From the Rocks which evolved from an experiment trying to get Game Maker to make objects follow other objects dynamically. Run For the Rocks is a game that is as fun and challenging to play as it was to make. Like Run From the Rocks, in each level you must run away from the rocks and get to the finish flag.

During the game, you should find blue squares with a key on them. These are locked doors. You need to collect the key before you are able to open them. When you have the key, run into doors to open them. Each key is a master key, and it can open every door in the level.

You should also find doors with white rocks on them. These are rock-activated doors. They may be opened only by collecting all of the white rocks in the level - this is why the game was called Run For the Rocks.

In some levels there are swirling cirlces.These are lethal - if you run into one, you will die. But if the rocks run into them, they will die. Use this to your advantage.

Run For the Rocks was made to be challenging. If you are stuck on a level, you may skip to the next level by pressing the "Home" key on your keyboard. Your score starts at 4000 and goes down as you play - The longer you take to win the game, the less your score will be. If you run into a rock, you explode and die, having to restart the game. If you die, you can get back to where you were up to by pressing the "Home" button on your keyboard as many times as needed.

All my games are freeware so please feel free to give them to all of your friends!


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