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Racing Carz

Recent updates
Racing Carz was last updated on 10-05-07 to v1.15

My first experiment with the 3D functions of Game Maker with my friend Miles led to the creation of Freak Hunter, where you go around trying to shoot all the monsters. Since then I have made Racing Carz, a complex 10-level 3D racing car game (with the ultimate monster truck challenge as level 11!). Levels 3, 4 and 5 are special desert races. Levels 8 and 9 are the ultimate time challenges. Do not even attempt levels 8 and 9 unless you have mastered the previous levels, and are an excellent driver. To complete these time trial levels, you must drive as fast as possible, and not crash into any walls. Level 10 is the ultimate monster truck challenge - you must beat the big monster truck to the finish line, whilst also avoiding getting crushed by the other monster trucks that cut across the track randomly from the sides.


How to Play
Holding down each key performs the following actions

Up arrow:


Accelerate forward

Down arrow key:   Slow down/Reverse
Left arrow key:   Turn left
Right arrow key:   Turn left
Escape key:   Exit game/Return to level select screen

WARNING: You may not be able to beat this game. Although this may dissuade you from playing, be sure that the levels are possible and have been tested except for level 11 (I have never beaten that one :P It's bloody hard)

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